Ecological Consultants

  • ​Ecological aspects of permitting for a wide range of project types (e.g. subdivision and commercial developments, educational facilities, stormwater, roadways, utility, agricultural, mining) at local, state, and federal levels  

  • Addressing ecological aspects of Environmental Resource Permitting (ERP)

  • Obtaining federal jurisdictional determinations, permitting (e.g. through ACOE), federal environmental legislation [e.g. NEPA documents (CE, EA, FONSI, EIS)]

  • Wetland delineation (unified delineation criteria per Chapter 62-340, F.A.C.), federal delineation criteria), obtaining wetland determinations

  • Wetland mitigation aspects of permitting, including impact justification, wetland mitigation design, Uniform Mitigation Assessment Method (UMAM) Analyses

  • Coastal ecological services (including seagrass surveys) for dock facilities (including marinas), dredging projects, utility related HDD under waterways, and coastal setback variances

  • ​Enhancement, restoration, and creation plans for a wide spectrum of wetland (marine, estuarine, riverine, brackish, palustrine) and upland habitats. Resource management plans for Florida ecosystems

  • Habitat mapping, analysis, ecological due diligence and planning strategies aimed at maximizing development potential and complying with pertinent environmental regulations

  • Performing wildlife surveys (e.g. general, gopher tortoise, Florida scrub jay, caracara, sand skink) and permitting (including Section 7 and 10 consultation)

  • ​Bald eagle disturbance permitting, bald eagle monitoring

  • FWC certified gopher tortoise agent with extensive experience in permitting, capturing, transporting, and relocating gopher tortoises

  • Wild hog removal services

  • ​Coordination and participation in resolution of sensitive environmental matters (including compliance resolution) involving multiple agencies, private citizens, and environmental interest groups

  • Ecological monitoring (including wetland mitigation, wetland hydroperiod)

  • Expert testimony (including for eminent domain cases)

Ecological Services

environmental consulting