Ecological Consultants

Michele L. Steinbaum, Senior Ecologist and President

Michele L. Steinbaum, founder and president of STEINBAUM AND ASSOCIATES, INC., earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Rollins College and graduated with honors and distinction from the School of Environment and Design at The University of Georgia with a Master's degree. Her graduate thesis focused on development planning strategies and habitat restoration for land harboring mangrove swamps. Post graduate training includes ecosystem management, hydric soils, and plant identification. 

Ms. Steinbaum has performed environmental work for private and public sector projects throughout Florida, and has served as an expert witness for both private and public sector interests (including FDOT projects). Her prior experience includes working for a private sector land planning firm in Palm Beach County, Florida, serving as Senior Ecologist for the Sarasota County Natural Resources Department, serving as vice-president for another private sector environmental consulting firm in Florida, and serving on the NEPA team of a national company specializing in the power industry. 

She has provided ecological due diligence, strategized ecological aspects for many properties with respect to client objectives, addressed the ecological aspects of permitting for a wide variety of project types, including large scale developments, and is very familiar with the regulatory framework (Federal, State, and local governments). Ms. Steinbaum has served as the project manager for ecological permitting aspects of a significant number of projects (including landmark projects within Sarasota and Manatee Counties). 

Her past experience includes serving as project manager while contracted to provide ecological assessments and land use/management recommendations for 106 existing and proposed public park sites throughout Sarasota County and the City of Sarasota, and negotiating private sector funded Australian pine removal for a section of South Lido Park. As President of STEINBAUM AND ASSOCIATES, INC. (and previous to this position), Ms. Steinbaum has assisted in addressing ecological aspects of permitting for over 15 public educational facilities. 

Ms. Steinbaum believes that it is essential when strategizing ecological aspects of preliminary planning and permitting, to strive for an outcome that maximizes client development goals, to utilize a broad spectrum approach for efficient and productive land use, and to identify cost-conscientious and environmentally sound opportunities for fulfilling ecological requirements.

Ms. Steinbaum is a member of the National Association of Environmental Professionals, the Florida Association of Environmental Professionals, and the Tampa Bay Chapter of Environmental Professionals. Ms. Steinbaum has been certified an Authorized Gopher Tortoise Agent by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.